The purpose of the Joly

What betflix168 เข้าสู่ระบบ is the purpose of the play Joly? How does the Joly piece help you in the game of Rummy? Why is it included in the game? Read in the next article.
Very often when friends get together or families spend some time together they choose to play some games to have fun. Thus, there are many such games that you can choose to use your time in a productive way and that will put your mind to work. One of them is the flashy rummy game which is also known as Rummy 45. It is a type of game that can be played anywhere, whether you are at home, in the park, at the mountain, at the sea or at a terrace.

Because we live in the age of technology, the games you used to play physically (by physical we mean those games where you had to meet other opponents and you needed a game board and chips to play) have evolved and moved online. Thus, today it is much simpler and you have a click away from your favorite game. Now it’s not even necessary to have friends or family with you, because you can play with strangers at any time.

Online Rummy is one of the favorite and popular games among people of all ages because it does not have any rules that are very difficult to understand and implement . It’s the type of activity that puts your mind to work, tests your focus, decision-making ability, and can also develop your strategic mind.

In the rummy game you will have 106 chips with numbers from 1 to 13. Among these pieces you will also find 2 pieces named Joly. You will be able to distinguish them from the rest of the pieces because instead of numbers they have a smiley face.

Jolly is a very important piece
This is the equivalent of 50 points and replaces any piece, thus helping players form suits or thirds. Also, players who have a Jolly have the right to exchange it for the piece it replaces only once. They will do this by turning it face down. Once this move is made, the one who replaces the Jolly is obliged to use the piece that was replaced by the Jolly in a formation and also in the same turn. It will do this in the same way shown earlier, i.e. turn the token face down.

Another important information about Jolly is that he can stick by the player who owns this piece in any formation. An important aspect of the rummy rules to keep in mind is that it cannot be stuck to other players. Another important aspect that players need to know about this piece is what happens when you display the Jolly. Thus, if it is displayed in a third by a player together with 2 other cards, in order to be able to use both pieces of the same value as those already displayed. What is important in this case is that they have different colors.

Attitude of players about Jolly
This is always a reason of joy for the participants of the rummy 45 game. Being a career with so many advantages for the players, the moment one has this piece on the board he can create a much better strategy and greatly increases his chances of winning. Thus most of the players at the moment when they have such a piece know that only a very bad luck or lack of attention and strategy can make them lose.

So in the rummy game Jolly is the most important piece that can change the course of the competition and that can separate the winner from the other players right from the start. If rummy players create a good strategy, pay attention and own this piece they can win without too much emotion.

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