How do we make a game by our rules?

It’s betflix888 always more fun to play with friends by your own rules. Now this is possible through the VIP Rummy platform option – Play with Friends. All you have to do is access the game platform using your player account and choose this option.
Possible settings in the Play with Friends room
Once you access the Play with Friends room you have several options that you can turn on or off as you choose. To create a custom game room, click Host a Game. From here you can choose several options.

Number of players
The camera allows you to choose how many players you want to play with. Through the + button you have the option to select 2, 3 or 4 friends to compete with. Also with – reduce the number of players. Send invitations to friends you want to play with.

The higher the entry stake, the better the prize at the end of the game. Therefore, using the +/- buttons select the entry stake, starting from 14,000 to 700,000 chips. You will see that the higher the stake, the higher the value of the final prize. The final prize can reach up to 1,120,000 tokens.

Minimum level
You may want to play with more experienced or less experienced players. You can make this selection via the Minimum Level button. In this mode you will select the level of the players. The minimum level to enter the game is 3 and the maximum is 20.

Return time
For some players the game of Rummy is too slow. Therefore, here you can also select the time the participants have to perform a move. You can select a minimum return to game time of 20 seconds or a maximum of 120 seconds.

If you want to chat during the game and not waste time selecting a specific phrase, you can activate the Vocal Chat function. This option allows you to talk to other players at the game table. By activating Voice Message, you can talk during the game and all players will hear you. They will also respond in the same way.

Round limit
This option allows you to choose how many games to play. The options start from one round and the maximum is 6 rounds. Select the desired rounds with the +/- buttons according to your preferences.

Do you want to express yourself during the game using emoticons or phrases or do you want to turn this option off? Choose the right option for you to create the most enjoyable game for you.

Private room
You can select the Private Room option if you want to have a game where only those you invite can participate. By turning on the Private Room you will only play with friends to whom you have sent game invites

Game background
Game background is the option that allows you to make your room even more personalized. If you have purchased table backgrounds, you can use them to create a more interesting atmosphere for you and other players.

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